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St. Honore print

Image of St. Honore print

While he wasn't known for immolating his enemies, Honore (or Honoratus in the Latin tongue) was evidently enough of a rascal as a child that when his former nursemaid heard that he had been appointed Bishop of Amiens, she struck her baker's peel to the ground and announced that she would believe it when her peel grew into a tree. Legend has it that her peel took root and grew into a mulberry tree that bore both flower and fruit.

Honore was attributed with a variety of miracles. On one occasion during Mass, as Honore was holding the Host at the consecration, he experienced a vision of the hand of Christ holding the Host at that very same moment. This particular miracle is recorded within this illustration. A chapel was built in his honor, and it was at this chapel that local bakers formed their guild.

Hang St. Honore in your kitchen. Invoke his aid for anything from bread to pâte à choux to frozen cookie dough. He won't judge you.